Effective Ways That Animators Can Do To Fight Creative Block

Graphic design and creating animations is a fun job for the right individuals. Whether you work from home as a freelancer or have a day 9am – 5 pm job, you’re likely to encounter a few challenges here and there.


The creative block is a problem that creative professionals have to deal with from time to time. Due to its effect on your productivity, it’s important to know what to do when it strikes.


Many animators and other design creative pros dread experiencing creative block and consider it among the worst issues they have to overcome, especially when working on an important project. This is partly due to the fact that it’s an emotional roller coaster ride of self-doubt and uncertainty.


Sometimes, you may just need to take a break from it all and start fresh again to overcome this enemy of the mind. However, fighting it may take more than just that at other times.


Here’re some effective ways you can fight this dreaded state of mind and get back on track with your animation process.

10 Ways Animators and Graphic Designers Can Overcome the Creative Block

  • Take care of yourself

Make sure you’re taking time for breaks, eating healthy food, and getting enough sleep. This ensures that your brain has the energy it needs to come up with useful design ideas when needed. Take a break of at least an hour to relax your mind.

Sometimes, animators need to step away from computers for their creative juices to flow again. A short break can be more productive than working for hours and hours without making any progress. As a result, you may end up stuck on one particular problem.

Exercise regularly to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Physical activities and exercise trigger the production of endorphins in your brain, helping you feel better and inspire creativity.

  • Change things up

Do something different when your creative juices run low. Make changes to your workflow or try out a different animation style like stop motion to break monotony and find a new way of doing things.

Try making animations about historical events instead of animals if your thoughts seem stale at any point. You may find yourself more inspired than before. Get out of your workspace and find new ways to develop ideas and become productive.

  • Take inspiration from others

There’s no shame in taking some time off and checking out other animations or animators’ work, online or offline. It can be both educational and inspirational.

Find inspiration from other people, places, or things that you may not have thought about before. You may be surprised just how much you become motivated and feel afterwards because there’s such a wealth of creativity out there!

  • Drink coffee to relax your mind and trigger creativity

Drink coffee while working to refresh your mind and keep it active. Coffee has several health benefits that you’ll find beneficial against the creative block. What’s more, it’s tasty and can be taken anytime with your preferred treat.

If you’re not already brewing your own coffee at home or in the office, you will find machines that make amazing coffee online on sites such as Emerging Pictures. With the best espresso machine at hand, you get the flexibility to make your coffee just as you like it.

  • Go outside

Taking walks outdoors to relax the mind is a no-brainer. Get away from your work environment; this can be refreshing, helping you to think outside the box. It’s also a great way to brainstorm new ideas to deploy in your animating work, if related.

Take a walk outdoors and spend time enjoying what nature has to offer you. You’ll never know what can happen outside to boost your inspiration and fight the creative block unless you actually step out.

  • Get inspiration from music, art, movies, or other creative outlets

There’re multiple creative outlets that animators like you can use to get inspired. Pick that favorite piece of art, song, movie, book, or artist you love to inspire you in the same way your animation does. Find out what it is and see where it takes you!

Doing animations of historical events, for example, can be difficult. This is because most of the time, you have to draw something that no longer exists. Therefore, watching historical movies or documentaries can help you better visualize your desired outcomes.

  • Do some meditation

Everyone needs to take time to sit back and relax every once in a while. This also allows animators to do something creative without pressure from deadlines at hand. This would be great because you’re fighting and trying to overcome the creative block.

Close your eyes and clear your mind – enjoy this moment of peace because it can’t last an entire day. There’s always another deadline looming, no matter how much you find your work to be fun. Find some guided meditation videos online or apps to guide you.

  • Draw something else

When you get stuck thinking about one thing, draw something different to gain a fresh perspective. This is also a great way to allow your mind to wander freely again.

Getting to draw something else helps fight creative block because it’s a new challenge. You can draw or doodle anything random and simple to warm up your creativity. Civil war animations can also help clear your mind.

  • Write

Whenever you get stuck on a project, writing can help you get out the dark feelings and thoughts stuck in your mind. Writing is a great way to express yourself in words for hours of therapy.

You can write about your feelings or anything else that may be stressing you out – this might give you an idea of what you need to do with your animation afterwards.

What’s more, animating doesn’t have to stop when you’re fighting creative block, and animators don’t always need time alone.

  • Brainstorm with other animators to develop new ideas

Work with other animators in your team or even other animators you don’t work with. They may have interesting ideas or perspectives on the project you’re working on to help you come up new ideas.

Animated movies are a visual medium that requires animators to be creative on the spot. It can be difficult to find the motivation to work on animation projects when you don’t feel creative. Take care of yourself and do things that inspire creativity in new ways to fight the limiting feeling.

Whether you decide to draw something different or brainstorm with other animators, the right option depends on your mood. Let us know how you usually put an end to your creative block.