Why Opt for Animated Videos on Historical Subjects

Our animated videos are visually appealing. We’re able to communicate historical events in an effective and easy way that appeals to the senses of our audience. What’s more, animations have a lasting impact on our audience, atop being consumed more than text-based materials.

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Visual Animation Importance

Animations plays an important role,

According to Hubspot, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And, about 90% of information that reaches the brain is in visual form.

We create psychologically appealing animated videos on civil wars. Just like cartoons, our animations are fun, colorful and highly engaging, making them interesting to watch.

According to Nicola Davies, animated videos are appealing to the human brain, making it easy for our audience to connect with the content emotionally.

How it works

There’s a lot of digital “noise” on the internet regarding history, leading to content shock. Our animations on events that occurred in history cuts through the noise and stands out from the multitude of text-based information on history. The animations differentiates our brand.

Unlike live action videos, animations are more cost-effective to produce. This allows us to cover various historical events without cost being a limiting factor.

With just a monthly subscription, we’re able to produce lots of animations. There’s no need to find actors, a shooting location, funds to support video production and equipment as in live-action video production.

We Do What you are Searching

We create professional animations using cloud-based solutions such as GoAnimate,

saving us the added costs of producing a live-action video.

The ability to narrate historical events using animations also mean that the animated videos can grow with our business. As our company grows, there’s a need to create more video content.

We’re able to create more animations faster because the process is simpler than creating live-action videos. Our team simply writes scripts, creates storyboards and produces the animations we want based on a desired event in history.


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What’s more, we can easily update our animations if necessary. Whether something was overlooked or we discovered something interesting on a historical event we’ve already animated, we easily update the video in question to reflect the new information.

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Animations give us the flexibility to easily update our videos. Our animators can easily edit animations, change text or even completely change an entire video without so much hassle.

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Our animated videos on historical subjects are appealing and offer our audience upgraded visual content. Unlike infographics that’s increasingly visually cluttered and data-heavy, animations barely cause headache.


Animated graphics are visual and less data-heavy. They’re easy to run through without missing out on important points. With a “guided tour” through animated content, we help our viewers control their pace when going through our animated content.

Our animators are also able to utilize rich media such as music, movement, visuals, sound effects, etc. in our animations to highlight important points.

Civil War Animated offers animations on different events in history. We capture various historical events in animated form to make learning history more interesting, engaging and fun.

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