What We Do?

Step 1

Civil War Animated uses animations to narrate historical stories and events. We showcase history in a fun and interesting way. Historians and students can find our animations useful and helpful in understanding even the most complex events in history.

Step 2

We’re a team determined to make learning history fun and enjoyable. We don’t change the events in history, but narrate them in a way that’s easier to follow and understand.

Step 3

We explored various history books on events such as the U.S. civil wars and only found lots of maps and complicated information that’s not easy to understand. Therefore, we decided to go through history books retell the stories using visuals.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Civil War Animated is to create animated videos that narrate events in history. We hope that everyone can now enjoy learning about historical events.


The aim of Civil War Animated is to make history a fun and easy subject for students to learn. We’re also determined to be the go-to place for information on historical events.